Migraine journal

I have to admit I get lazy about doing a journal about my migraine attacks. For several months, I've tracked the following info:
  1. What days I have experienced a regular migraine attack which I define as:
    • The migraine occurs shortly after I wake up
    • My standard meds (DHE shot  + Zofran) are effective.
    • My pain only rarely goes over 8 on a 1-10 scale with 10 being unbearable constant *!&? pain.
  2. Days I have a migraine attack that do not occur in the morning.
    • These are exactly like #1 except they occur after I have exercised, been stressed, left the house, etc.
  3. Days I have had a "monster migraine." 
    • These are the attacks that have no responded to my standard abortive meds (DHE shot and Zofran) so I took Stadol and Phenergan in addition to my standard meds. 
    • Pain is 9-10 most if not all of the day.
    • These days I take lots of baths since that is one of the only things that will relax me. 
    • I also spend a large amount of time: laying very still in the dark with ear plugs, focusing on my breath, and reciting either Equanimity or Metta phrases. 

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Transparent Thursday

1. Hmm I'm not sure if "transparent" is spelled/spelt right. I'm having spelling issues.

2. I find it odd that it's illegal to discriminate against a person for employment in the US, but we might regularly discriminate against politicians for their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and age. The other day I was watching something about one of the potential presidential candidates who is Mormon, and it struck me as odd that this was an issue. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I've focused on these issues in making a decision about who I am going to vote for.  Doesn't seem right.

3. When I have migraines, I obsess about cleaning and bills and other things I can't do when I have a migraine.

4.  If I ever got a lot of money, I would take horse back riding lessons again. Love horses even though I fall off a lot.

5. Since I do not feel well much of the time, I go days without ever changing into normal clothes. Fortunately, I have several pairs of pajamas. It also comes in handy when I miss my mouth and get food or coffee on my clothes. Not as big a deal to spill stuff on my pj's. My sillies pj's are these sock monkey footy pj's I got at Target. I was so excited when I saw Mercedes on Glee had them!

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Weird Wednesday

Yes, that is a sock monkey on the top of the Christmas tree. One of the weirdest things about me and my hubby is that we collect sock monkeys. It just kind of happened; it wasn't something we planned to do. When we first started dating, I told him about this sock monkey I had as a kid. He got me one for my birthday as a joke and it spiraled from there. One of the first years we celebrated Christmas together, we couldn't find the star to put on the tree. I had some Santa clothing I would put on the cats for Christmas pics. We decided to put them on Sammy (our fist sock monkey) and put him on the tree. It became a tradition! About 5 years ago we got him a full Santa suit from Build A Bear. What's one of the weirdest things about you?

Looking for more fun weirdness visit my favorite weird blogger: It's Ok To Be Weird
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Grateful Sunday!

I try to remind myself to do regular check-ins with myself about what I'm grateful for, but I often forget. Maybe if I get into the habit of doing it on my blog, I'll remember!

1. When my hubby is concentrating really hard, sometimes he waggles his tongue horizontally. (Please don't tell him I told you.)
2. Often, when Pandora, our kitty, is fixing to go to the bathroom, she quacks at us to let us know.
3. Puppy pads. (Pandora likes to go to the bathroom with all of her except her bottom in the litter box. Puppy pads make it so much easier to clean.)
(Pandy's embarrassed I told you about her bathroom habits.)

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Tally of medical bills and # of migraines

In one of my previous posts, My medical bill total this year, I explained what my tally in further detail.

I forgot at the beginning of June to update it! 

Out of pocket medical expenses from 1/1/11-5/31/11

$1,189   Health insurance premiums
  1,401  Medication co-pays
     606   Doctor visits
       56   Dentist
$2,875   Total

Number of days I've had migraines 1/1/11-5/31/11: 74
Number of days I've had migraines from 6/10-5/11: 146

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