Grateful Sunday!

I try to remind myself to do regular check-ins with myself about what I'm grateful for, but I often forget. Maybe if I get into the habit of doing it on my blog, I'll remember!

1. When my hubby is concentrating really hard, sometimes he waggles his tongue horizontally. (Please don't tell him I told you.)
2. Often, when Pandora, our kitty, is fixing to go to the bathroom, she quacks at us to let us know.
3. Puppy pads. (Pandora likes to go to the bathroom with all of her except her bottom in the litter box. Puppy pads make it so much easier to clean.)
(Pandy's embarrassed I told you about her bathroom habits.)

4. Pimmy, our other kitty, playing with the curtains.
5. Not having to separate our recyclables according to material.
6. Unconditional Chocolate Dove ice cream.
7. Slipper socks that keep me from killing myself on our slippery floors (my hubby sometimes gets a little over zealous when he mops)
8. Getting nail polish for $.50 so I can paint my toenails purple.
9. Peanuts.
10. Grape Kool-Aid.


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