Subcutaneous fluid injections for Pandora-blob

Our oldest kitty, Pandora, is 17 now and has a wide assortment of medical problems. She's taken to whizzing all over the place in one of the rooms in our basement. Thank goodness the room has concrete flooring so it's easy to clean. My hubby has been on mop duty to clean it up.  Earlier this week I took her to the vet to make sure nothing more is wrong. The vet called yesterday with the results. Her thyroid numbers are a little high and her kidney disease is a little worse. The vet wanted me to start giving her fluids under her skin for her kidneys so she won't get dehydrated. She also changed Pandy's meds up a little.

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Weird Wordless Wednesday

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This week's pic is one my hubby found!

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Happy Mothers Day to my Mom!

Something weird has been happening to me the last couple years. I've become more of a sap every year. I suspect my own aging (I'm 39) and my parents now in their 70's has contributed. I think the chronic migraines has also increased my sappiness. Feeling like I've lost friends, my hopes for a career, and even leaving the house more than once a week these days, I've grown to appreciate what I do have. I haven't always appreciated my Mom as I should. So this one is for her!  

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