Depression: running from the black dog

I first heard "black dog" as a reference to depression several years ago from an online friend from Australia. He used to say he was being "chased by the black dog" when he fell into depression. I find it to be a good description of how I experience depression. I feel like I'm trying to stay ahead of depression--trying to figure out when and how it will strike next and trying to prevent that from happening. I barely feel like I'm keeping ahead of it. If I'm caught, it feels like I've been attacked and have fallen. It takes great effort and meds to get back up and am able to get ahead of it.

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Highway to Hell

I have an appointment to see the migraine specialist tomorrow. Inevitably, the night before I go, the song "Highway to Hell" pops in my head. It really seems like the perfect anthem for these trips.

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Grateful Sunday!

1. I just had to look up "grateful." I kept thinking it was spelled "greatful." 

2. Semi-perma-brain fog from having migraines almost everyday. Sometimes it makes me laugh. (For example, #1)

3. Emerald's Cocoa Roasted Almonds. Yum
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