Transparent Thursday

1. Hmm I'm not sure if "transparent" is spelled/spelt right. I'm having spelling issues.

2. I find it odd that it's illegal to discriminate against a person for employment in the US, but we might regularly discriminate against politicians for their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and age. The other day I was watching something about one of the potential presidential candidates who is Mormon, and it struck me as odd that this was an issue. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I've focused on these issues in making a decision about who I am going to vote for.  Doesn't seem right.

3. When I have migraines, I obsess about cleaning and bills and other things I can't do when I have a migraine.

4.  If I ever got a lot of money, I would take horse back riding lessons again. Love horses even though I fall off a lot.

5. Since I do not feel well much of the time, I go days without ever changing into normal clothes. Fortunately, I have several pairs of pajamas. It also comes in handy when I miss my mouth and get food or coffee on my clothes. Not as big a deal to spill stuff on my pj's. My sillies pj's are these sock monkey footy pj's I got at Target. I was so excited when I saw Mercedes on Glee had them!


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