Part Duex! You might be a Migraineur if:

I've come up for more signs that you might be a migraineur if. . It's amazing what becomes difficult after I've had almost daily migraines for a few months. I cannot help but laugh at myself sometimes, so I decided to start a series.

You might be a migraineur if.. . .
1. You see a picture of a bear with sunglasses and wonder if they do wear sunglasses. Then suddenly you realize emphatically that bears do not wear sunglasses.
2. Grocery store circulars become incredibly confusing.
3. Making a grocery list becomes impossible because you realize Tostitos are different prices at different stores. 
4. Hanging up pants blows your mind
5. Hanging up pants leaves you winded
6. You tell someone you need to find the last 3 weeks of your tax returns
7. You're pretty sure you feel pain in your toenails when you have migraines.


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