Happy Mothers Day to my Mom!

Something weird has been happening to me the last couple years. I've become more of a sap every year. I suspect my own aging (I'm 39) and my parents now in their 70's has contributed. I think the chronic migraines has also increased my sappiness. Feeling like I've lost friends, my hopes for a career, and even leaving the house more than once a week these days, I've grown to appreciate what I do have. I haven't always appreciated my Mom as I should. So this one is for her!  

The most impressive thing about my Mom is her perseverance in the face of a boatload of obstacles. She's been dealt some rough hands over the years, but she's kept her head up and   done all that she could to take care of her family. I appreciate all that she's sacrificed for me and my wellbeing over the years. I took it for granted growing up. Now I look back and remember all the Saturdays she drove me to private flute lessons and paid way too much for. On Fridays after her and my Dad worked all week, they went to football games to see me in the marching band. I was a speck on the field during the halftime shows but her and my dad never missed one in 3 years. They sacrificed and worked to send me to an overpriced private college so I could get a good education. These, of course, are just a few of the examples of the efforts my parents went to for me. Thank you so much, Mom and Dad. 

I like to think I got my sense of humor, in part, from my Mom, but that's me flattering myself. She is hilarious. I hope to be as funny as her!  As a child I remember us being at some place like Hickory Farms and my Mom took a sample of something. She said, "This tastes like dirt." I felt astonished that she said such a thing!  As the kids say, my Mom keeps it real, and does it in a funny way. 

In our family, some of us have a very habit of laughing hysterically when someone hurts themselves. I suspect my Mom may have been the one to start this tradition. She has taught me to laugh even in otherwise bad situations. As a teen I remember my Mom rushing back home to get something she forgot for work. As she barreled up the walkway she fell face first into the pavement. (Yes, I am trying to stifle my laughter as I write this.) She skinned part of her face and her glasses left this red mark on her forehead. When she walked in, she laughed with me. Of course I was also concerned she hurt herself but we laughed our way through it. I've learned to stifle my laughter over the years because my husband does not appreciate me laughing when he hurts himself.  He is quite clumsy so hurting himself is at least a weekly occurrence. For a few years, when he'd hurt himself, he'd immediately start yelling "Stop it!" Bless his heart. 

Mom has taught me to appreciate what I have in my life  and find humor in otherwise bad times. I spent a decent amount of time in the hospital growing up. My Mom slept in those awful vinyl chairs every night to make sure I got proper care. Every 4 hours when the nurses whipped on that bright light to take my temperature and blood pressure, she woke up with me. If she had to go to work after a bad's night sleep, if I could not get the nurses to get me my medicine that I thought I needed, I'd call my Mom. She'd call and chew the nurses out and I'd get what I thought I needed. When the doctors kept me on a "clear diet" for days after I had been vomiting, I quickly found the green Jello and beef broth just didn't cut it. My Mom snuck me donuts and rolls. (And no, I never did get sick from the contraband food my Mom brought!) 

Unfortunately I wasn't always appreciative of her vigil. When I spent some time in ICU after back surgery, she sat next to me and for some reason it aggravated me so I kicked her out. I remember calling her "hawk eye" or "eagle eye." What a rotten kid I was! No wonder my aunt called me "crabby appleton." As I got older, I appreciated her more for being at my side. Unfortunately though our laughing at the hospital got us some weird looks by doctors and nurses in the hospital. 

I fully expect to be at a funeral at some point in my life laughing hysterically. For that, I thank my Mom. For some reason, the worse things are, the more we laugh. In fact, when I have panic attacks, I laugh and cry at the same time. I guess I should remind you guys that I have admitted to my insanity!

I appreciate my Mom for her odd, but comforting home remedies. She used to swear that a Twinkie could cure nausea. Something about the Twinkie soaking up acidy stomach fluid or something. Yum! I also appreciate her inability to pronounce some words correctly. Pervert, for example, she pronounces as "prevert." And whenever she yells for any of us girls (there are 3 of us), she names the beginning of all the others' names. For example, I'm "KathDarcKrista."

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thanks for being my Mom!


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