Congratulations to South Sudan, a new nation!

The people of southern Sudan have suffered genocide. They continue to suffer atrocities at the hands of the government and the people of North Sudan, but there is now hope that the citizens of South Sudan may be able to live in peace. Today the people of South Sudan celebrate the birth of their new nation! This is an exciting time for the citizens. A president has been sworn in, they have a national anthem, and on Wednesday the United Nations will discuss whether South Sudan will be part of the United Nations. Their is hope that the people of South Sudan can live in greater peace. 

Unfortunately there continues to be difficulties. Most South Sudanese do not have access to clean water, are illiterate, and do not have medical care. In addition, a border has not been agreed on with North Sudan.  North Sudanese continue to attack South Sudanese over this dispute. Please let the women of South Sudan that you support them in this historic time. 


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